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My approach to healing Chronic Pain Syndromes:

  1. Develop a Therapeutic Alliance of Mutual Trust and Respect.  If you don't get that I am trustworthy and safe, how can your nervous system let down it's guard?  This is an ongoing process that sometimes requires significant time and work to build trust, especially when there have been encounters that felt unsafe with a therapist or other practitioner(s) in the past.  In my experience, many clinicians blame the patient who does not respond as expected to an intervention.  People with chronic pain have usually had a few adverse encounters with doctors and therapists by the time I get to meet them, so I don't take it personally, if there is some reluctance to trust me.  Trust can only be earned and that may take time.

  2. Sort out and address structural biomechanical issues that could perpetuate pain.  Is there a "tack in the shoe"?  Let's find it and take it out.  Occasionally, I hit a "home run" and am able to find a stuck joint and help you release that restriction in a way that makes a significant difference in pain quickly.

  3. Evaluate and address ergonomic factors.

  4. Help you get clear on any postural and movement habits that are likely to perpetuate the pain, and options you may have to "opt out" of pain.  Can you learn to hear your body whisper, so you never have to hear it scream again?

  5. Understand and work with your habits of mind that cause or exacerbate pain.

  6. Help you develop a consistent mind-body-spirit practice to listen to yourself and get what you need to heal and transform your pain.

I am a holistic physical therapist in New York City and make house calls to most of Manhattan.  Call or email me today to get started!

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