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Manual Therapy

     Bill has developed a uniquely integrative approach combining myofascial work, tuina, osteopathic joint manipulation, swedish & thai massage in an effective, comfortable synergy.  Rather than "just letting go" on the table, clients are invited to "let go while noticing how they feel in the body and how the bodywork changes that.  Instead of thinking of the work in terms of "something being done to them", it is can be more fruitful to intending to learn from how the body feels as it responds to the work.  As if my pressure, pulling, etc were a magnifying glass for the mind to feel some aspect of it more clearly and learn something useful from this magnified view of an otherwise tiny sensory phenomenon.

Holistic Physical Therapist is highly skilled in myofascial release, osteopathic joint manipulation and massage and makes house calls in New York City.

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