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     Bill offers meditation to most clients as a way to learn to soothe the relentless narration that facilitates disconnection from the body and its felt sense. 

Habits are usually a perpetuating factor in any chronic condition.  Changing those habits, cultivating more comfortable habits is a key goal in therapy.  Cultivating habits that let you take care of yourself require you to be aware of your current habits of Mind, Breath, Posture and Movement.  Meditation helps you notice how you "roll" (habits) and gives you the space to make a choice to think, breathe, sit, stand, walk or eliminate in ways that support your recovery and self-mastery.  It also helps you pay attention to the information you get from the body that helps you stay upright and prevent falls.


Part of this work for people who have experienced significant trauma is learning yourself and titrating difficult sensations to honor your window of tolerance

Holistic Physical Therapist Teaches Meditation for chronic pain, fall prevention, pelvic floor conditions, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pulmonary conditions in New York City. House Calls.

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