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Psychedelic Integration:

Bill has had a long-time interest in the therapeutic application of psychedelic medicine like MDMA,  psilocybin and ketamine.  Phase III FDA-sanctioned studies are in progress in the US, Europe and Israel to evaluate the use of MDMA for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD.  Given that the participants in the studies completed so far saw much better outcomes than any current therapy for severe PTSD, MDMA is likely to be rescheduled by the FDA in the next 3-5 years. Psilocybin (active ingredient in "magic mushrooms") has shown great promise in studies treating severe treatment resistant depression, depression and anxiety related to life-threatening cancer and addiction.

Ketamine is currently legal to prescribe "off label" for depression, PTSD and other conditions. Evidence mounts that ketamine is effective for treatment resistant depression.

Bill was in the 2019 cohort of the California Instituter for Integral Studies Certificate program in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Research.  He completed the Ketamine Training Center certification with Phil Wolfson, Gita Vaid and Barry Walker in 2018. He has also studied shamanic plant medicine (ayahuasca and san pedro) in Costa Rica.

While much of the research on psychedelics to date has been on psychological conditions (especially PTSD), Bill's experience indicates that these medicines will be very useful to people with chronic pain syndromes caused or exacerbated by mental trauma.

Holistic Physical Therapist provides Psychedelic Integration for people who are using, or have used psychedelic medicines for healing or transformation in New York City.  

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