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Gender Affirmation Procedures:

Bill has experience working with transwomen, transmen and non-binary people and teaches other practitioners how to work with the pelvic floor to prepare for and heal after gender affirmation surgeries like neovagina/vaginoplasty, phalloplasty and metoidioplasty.

For many of us the pelvic floor muscles seem elusive and beyond conscious control. Given the tendency for transfolk and non-binary people to be judged harshly by people who don't understand the phenomenon of gender dysphoria, there may be muscular holding patterns brought on by shame. By bringing awareness, suppleness, and strength to this area, you may:

·         enhance sexual function and pleasure

·         alleviate pain (especially in the pelvis, hips, knees and back)

·         breathe more efficiently

·         calm anxiety

·         soften body rigidity due to trauma

·         speak with less effort and a more  embodied voice

·         ease toileting (hesitancy, incontinence, constipation)

·         cultivate comfortable posture and elegant, powerful movement 

Holistic Physical Therapist in New York City treats trans folk before or after gender affirmation procedures integrating yoga, feldenkrais, tai chi, qigong, breathwork and meditation.

Bill will familiarize you with key internal structural and functional relationships through gentle Yoga, Qigong, and Feldenkrais practices to fully integrate this awesome part of yourself!

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